Data Security

We are committed to and value the security of your personal data.

We therefore take the necessary organisational and technical measures to ensure the security and protection of your data from any form of accidental or unlawful processing. These measures are constantly reviewed in line with the latest developments in the field of technology, the data protection Regulation and the legal documents and are revised as deemed necessary, with a view to ensuring 100% data security.

Our services have been designed so as to provide high levels of security. Some of the applied security measures are the following:

  1. Use of Network Infrastructure Security

    Our systems are protected by state-of-the-art network infrastructure security, which aims to identify and prevent malicious attacks, and fully control incoming and outgoing data.

  2. Encrypted Data Transfer

    In order to transfer data from the systems of Tiresias to the user, appropriate protocols are used, so that the data and all communication in its entirety remain encrypted until they are received.

  3. Controlled Access

    Access to the services we offer is granted only after the required legalizing documents are checked and validated by Tiresias. User access is provided only through the use of a Username & Password.

  4. Security Policies

    Tiresias implements extremely strict security procedures and policies. Their implementation is constantly monitored and penetration tests are conducted at regular intervals by external bodies.

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