The progressive development of the Greek economy and the banking system have led to the Greek Banks demand for access to reliable and accurate credit related data. Over the years, the importance of such data has become clear; it protects credit financial institutions and reduces the risk from insolvency. Therefore, it benefits both the clients and the banks. As a result, nearly all Greek Banks confunctioned to create "Tiresias", a company entrusted with the development and management of a reliable Credit Profile Databank.
Tiresias was formally founded on December 1992 and from September 1997 has been operating as a joint stock (SA) company.
Today, Tiresias specialises in the collection and supply of credit profile data on corporate entities and private individuals and the operation of a risk consolidation system regarding consumer credit. Additionally, the company develops interbanking information systems and provides information and communication services to all concerned parties.
Tiresias is an interbanking company, meaning that only credit institutions and their subsidiaries who are actively leasing, factoring, or managing consumer credit products and payment means, on behalf of the mother institutions, can become shareholders.
The shareholders of the company include all major Greek Banks.
Tiresias main targets are:
1. The development and operation of information systems aiming at
2. The management and provision of products and services produced by its information systems.
In compliance with its philosophy, Tiresias attaches utmost importance in assuring accuracy and reliability in its data. Thus, it can meticulously contribute to the protection of bank credit, support reliable financial transactions, and safeguard the citizens' rights.
In order to accomplish its mission, Tiresias, being fully aware of the importance of its service of public interest and the necessity of the strict implementation of its Data Processing Regulation (DPR), strictly abides by the following operational principles:
TIRESIAS ensures the high quality and safety of services for its customers by systematically optimizing its processes and operations. The Quality Management System currently implemented by TIRESIAS is compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 and assessed by the internationally recognized organization Lloyd's Register LRQA.