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Contributing to the development of credit

Committed to serve its objectives and to implement the principles regulating its mission, Tiresiashas developed reliable interbanking information systems and services such as:

The following files are additionaly served from Tiresias:

  • Assigned claims arising from public works such as contracts/credentials.

The purpose of this file is to prevent fraud. It contains data of claims against banks from public works contracts and certifications.

Source of these data are banks.

Retention time: data will be deleted three (3) months from the full repayment of the delegated claim.

  • Company Data from Government Gazzette (GG) and Bussiness Registry (BR).
This process aims at facilitating operators with information concerning company data published in GG and BR.

Company Data not only include published events such as creations, modifications, representations, etc, but also information regarding, board members, legal representatinves, and partners. Additionaly data regarding publicised financial statements (balance sheets etc) of companies are been stored.

Source of the data are GG and BR.

Retention time for data regarding published events: ten (10) years from the date of publication on GG and BR.

Check of data accuracy

For a more precise identification of the registered member and their retrieval data, it is possible to check the full name, Tax Id. No, ID, address etc. from the database of the General Secretariat of Information System (GSIS), according to the decision of (A.P.D.P.H) No. 21/2007.


The services are available to the following legal entities:

  • Banks
  • Card issuing and managing companies
  • Leasing and factoring companies
  • Public Agencies
  • Credit provisioning companies under the control of the Central Bank of Greece or other Central Banks in accordance with the 2nd Banking Directive and L. 2076/92.


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