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Useful Advices

  • Remember that credit is just a facilitation and does not improve your financial status.
  • Make sure that your debts do not exceed your financial capability.
  • Pay your debts in time.
  • Take notice that delaying your payments will result in additional costs.
  • Take all the information you need and estimate the risk before involving a third party.
  • If you face difficulties paying your debt, contact your Bank.
  • Settle your issues with Tiresias, it is easy and free of charge
  • Inform Tiresias about the settlement of your debts and/or any legal actions taken and contribute to the accuracy of the database of Tiresias
  • Keep the cheque/unpaid bills that you have repaid.
  • The accuracy and completeness of the database of Tiresias protects you from over - indebteduess and contributes to the decrease of the cost of credit.
  • Declare as soon as possible the loss/theft of your ID card or passport to Tiresias inorder to prevent fraudulent use.

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