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Credit Consolidation System (CCS)

General Information

Credit Consolidation System contains data regarding business & retail-consumer credit. It contains information about the status of the credit (current balance with no delinquency, delinquent balance etc). The function of the Databank is to secure the collection of data from credit/financial institutions regarding possible debts from loans, their processing, the completeness control, and the dissemination of the processed information.

Access to this file is provided with the consent of the interested party. In case of consent withdrawal, a relevant indication appears, which is evaluated by the bank.

Data Categories

  1. Trading, consumer and housing loans
  2. Credit cards
  3. Letters of guarantee
  4. Filings of debt adjustment


The data of the Credit Consolidation System are channelled to Tiresias via electronic means/channels from credit institutions, credit companies, funding companies, leasing, card issuing/ managing companies provisions.

Storage Time

CCS data are kept up to 5 years after their last monthly update.

Terms and Conditions