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Lost or stolen Identity Card and Passport System (IPS)

General Information

The lost/ stolen Identity Card and Passport System is an auxiliary Databank containing declarations (submitted either directly to Tiresias or by the Ministry of Public Order) of lost or stolen ID cards and passports. The purpose of this database is to keep the wider banking sector informed in order to protect transactions and clients involved from potential damages resulting from loss or theft.

Data Categories

Lost or stoles ID cards and passports declared either to Tiresias or sent by the Ministry of Public Order.


Applications (in greek) submitted to Tiresias by any interested party. A copy of the declaration of the loss/ theft to the Police or a solemn declaration (Art. 8 L. 1599/1986) certified by a public Authority is also required.

Furthermore, the application can be submitted at any bank which in turn forwards it to Tiresias by fax or post. The Database is also updated periodically with data from the Ministry of Citizen Protection (DPA decision 11/2006)

Storage Time

The data is stored without time limitation, unless the declaration of loss/theft has been revoked.


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